Hagia Sophia Meetings

In the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is within the "Archeological Park" area of Istanbul's World Heritage Areas, with the guidance of UNESCO, Scientific Committee was established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Turkey in 1993. The Museum Director, İstanbul Reliefs and Monuments Director, and Restoration and Conservation Center Laboratory Director were appointed as the permanent members to the Scientific Committee created to conduct the restoration works to be performed in the Hagia Sophia Museum and its organizational units. Additionally, specialist scientists with academic studies on Hagia Sophia from scientific institutions were also included in the Committee as members. It is conveyed with special agendas upon invitations by the museum administration and reports its observations and opinions on the restorations conducted at the museum with on-site examinations.

All these meetings and other examinations about Hagia Sophia will be shared on this area. 


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Event Date: 
Thursday, November 3, 2016
Event Place: 
Ayasofya Müzesi
Today, meeting was held at Sibyan Mektep ( Elementary School) in Hagia Sophia about process of indoors embellished and marble surfaces restoration works with Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Ph.D Coşkun Yılmaz
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