Kariye Museum

Kariye Museum

The word Kariye is the Turkish version of ancient Greek word Khora which means country (rural area). It is known that there had been a chapel outside the ramparts before the ramparts were built in 5th century. The first Khora Church instead of this chapel had been built by Justinianos (527-565).

The church had been used as the court chapel for important religious ceremonies in Komnenos period, since it was close to Palace of Blachernae.

Toward the end of the 11th century, the church had been re-built by Maria Daukaina who was the mother-in-law of Emperor Alexius I. It had been destroyed during Latin invasion (1204-1261) and had been repaired by Theodore Metochites, the treasury minister of the court, during the period of Andronikus I (1282-1328). An annex to the north, an exonarthex to west, and a chapel (Parecclesion) to the south had been appended to the church in this period.

The mosaics and frescos in Kariye are the best examples of the late East-Roman (14th century) painting art. The depths of these mosaics and frescos as well as mobility of figures and administration of plastic values are pretty successful. Kariye had been utilized as a church after the conquest of İstanbul in 1453; it had been transformed into a mosque in 1511 by Vizier Hadım Ali Pasha. It has been transformed into a museum in 1945 and its mosaics and frescos had been revealed by American Byzantine Institute between 1948 and 1958.

Naos of Kariye (Chora) Museum reopened for visiting after an extensive period of restoration.  

With the approval of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, The Parekklesion Section of Kariye Museum will be closed to visit due to the restoration from the date October 24th 2018.  (Opening date of the places on restoration will be announced from this page) 

The other sections that will be closed due to restoration will also be announced in our web site. 

Kariye Museum is available everyday for visiting. 

Summer Schedule- 1 APRİL - 31 OCTOBER Visiting Hours: 09.00 - 19.00

Hours of Ticket Sale: 18:30

Winter Schedule- 1 NOVEMBER - 31 MARCH Visiting Hours: 09.00 - 17.00

Hours of Ticket Sale: 16:30

Ticket Price: 45 TL. 


Address: Kariye Mahallesi, Kariye Camii Sokak No.18 Fatih İstanbul/Türkiye
Telephone: (0212) 631 92 41
Fax: (0212) 621 34 35


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